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The Lighthouse

My picture of the Wind Point Lighthouse

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  • Hello, my name is Jeremy Dowd, this page contains pictures of Lighthouses, and links to various lighthouse pages. All of the pictures in the archives are being received from their corresponding pages, this is just a sample of what those pages have to offer. Picture credits are listed below eatch picture on the original website. All of the pictures are lined up in columns so they will come in faster one at a time, thank you for visiting my lighthouse page. P.S. I enjoy receiving e-mail, so please send me comments, suggestions, or suggestions on html. And very big thanks to the photographers, computer technitions, people who put toegather these pages, and the people who keep these historical landmarks running. Feel free to use these pictures, but check the copyright regulations on the corresponding page. I also wish to thank Tripod Communications for making this page possible. If You have any great pictures, please notify me of their location, or if you know of a page that permits their pictures to appear on other pages. If you have a page that you wish me to review, don't hesitate to e-mail me. If you have found a page that is a great lighthouse page, e-mail me so I can create a link for it.


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