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Hello, my name is Jeremy Dowd

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Wisconsin, United States

How I got Here

Around the spring of 1994 my family and I set off to Door County, Wisconsin, my parents took out a reservation for the best resort up there, because of a convention. While my mom took notes in a stuffy convention hall, my twin brother, my father and I enjoyed the nature of this beautiful place. After a lecture my mom joined us to see the sites. I studied a tour map and saw the place marked by the Cana Island Lighthouse, we journed half an hour's worth but it was definately worth it. as I led the short walk across the footbridge I saw the fullness of Lake Michigan for the first time. When I got to the other side I looked up past the trees to see this hudge structure, streching to hte clouds, it's height was most definately bigger than the island's width. This peaceful property was almost always laden with visitors, people came and went, but no one ventured to even touch this mighty tower, I suspected no one has for at least a year.(Only one lighthouse in the United Stated is constantely manned, the first light on this land, the Boston Light.) I wanted to stay there until dusk, when the light would activate, but I know I couldn't. On our way home form this venture we visted the Eagle Bluff Lighthouse, here there was a tour; on a stroke of luck the tour was free on that day. At Sturgeon Bay, further down the pennisula we toured the area's maritime museum, where I began my collection of lighthouse art with two matted pictures.

The next lighthouse I visited was on a trip during spring break '96 on a trip to The Magic Kingdom we took a stop off at our aunt and uncle's house. During a daytrip both of our families voyaged to St. Simon's Island in Georgia. This is a very historic lighthouse, destroyed during the civil war, then rebuilt, a Southern coastal history meauseum is housed in the keeper's quarters. My last visit to a lighthouse was during the summer of 1996 at the Wind Point lighthouse in Raciene, Wisconsin during a summer trip. Eversince I have been collecting lighthouse stuff, from keychains to paintings. If you e-mail me
I can hook you up with some catalogs or websites that sell lighthouse memorabilia. That summer we got a computer, and two weeks later we logged on to the internet, and I created these webpages.

Why I am here

Why am I here? Simply put I felt I had to be here, to share my interests with many people. I also like to help people who share the same interests, I am advertising many pages, in hope to spread awareness of these valuable disappearing landmarks.

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